Easy Compact Tether System (ECTS)
An exciting month full of demonstrations, events, and deployments! Join us as we look back on a memorable March 2023.
4 April, 2023
Easy Compact Tether System (ECTS)
Jenni Giusti
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Easy Compact Tether System (ECTS)

This month, we had a strong focus on delivering ourĀ Easy Compact Tether System (ECTS). This ultra-portable version of the SAMS-T utilizes a miniature version of the EG-T. The ECTS is housed within a Pelican case and is rucksack portable with a weight of 40 lbs, resulting in rapid adaptability and mobility. The ECTS features a 200 or 330 ft secure and smart tether cable with Data-Over-Power (DOP) technology and includes all of the features and drones available for the SAMS-T.

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